Duncan Donuts Before Cancer Treatments

“A Great Cup Of Coffee Is Great Starter For a Great Conversation.” Lajeana Hurst Remember the commercial of the man rising before the sun, arriving at work at 4 am and saying, “It’s time to make the donuts!”? I remember this as a little kid. It was the Fred The Baker who would get up every morning and make donuts fresh everyday. Duncan Donuts use … Continue reading Duncan Donuts Before Cancer Treatments

Caught Coffee Handed

“Coffee In One Hand, Confidence In The Other” Unknown Sh**, I’ve been caught! Ring, ring, ring, the phone scares the crap out if me. I really should turn the ringer volume down. On the other end is my husband’s voice. “I forgot something,, can you open the garage?” It’s only 7:30, he just left. “Umm, I’m not home.” All this week I have been sneaking … Continue reading Caught Coffee Handed