He Was 27, I Was 12!

DISCLAIMER: Children younger than 18 should not read this without parent authorization. Information may include sex trafficking, sexual abuse, and kidnapping. This Story Is Personal and Contains Sexual Content To A Minor. Before I tell you this story, know that you as a parent CAN NOT protect your child 100% of the time. Please read my blog about Awareness & Self Protection: It’s Only The … Continue reading He Was 27, I Was 12!

For The Cause: Priceless

“The Strongest Thing We Have Isn’t Our Fist, It’s Our WORDS. It’s What We DO. So, FIGHT.” Alex, Childhood Victim of Trafficking Hulu is my favorite places to watch movies. $12.99 a month to watch as many shows and movies as I have time for. My husband and I decided to save a few bucks by switching between Hulu and Netflix, so I decided to … Continue reading For The Cause: Priceless

About For The Cause (Must Be 18+)

This is probably the hardest subjects I will ever write about. My goal is to educate others on the evil parts of the world. The major issue I want to start with is human trafficking, which has more than one part. There are several ways people are trafficked and sold. Last year I joined a community of mothers that started a head on fight to … Continue reading About For The Cause (Must Be 18+)