Walk Through Town On A Soundtrack; Create A Personal Movie

“All Truly Great Thoughts Are Concieved By Walking.” Friedrich Nietzsche Sitting at Panera, working on my computer and it is giving me issues. As I wait for the program to load, I start watching the people in the window walking by. Finally my internet starts to work, so I put on my headphones and start listening to my music on Spotify. (I am not an … Continue reading Walk Through Town On A Soundtrack; Create A Personal Movie

School: When Is Enough, Enough?!

“The Greater A Child’s Terror, And The Earlier It Is Experienced, The Harder it Becomes To Develop A Strong And Healthy Sense Of Self.” Nathaniel Branden Let’s be real! What would you do if you child came home and said someone was hitting them? Most of us have an idea, and it would be anywhere from confronting the school, parents, going a little Hand That … Continue reading School: When Is Enough, Enough?!

Beating The Odds: Both Good & Bad

“You Know Your Body, If You Don’t Get The Answer You Want, Keep Pushing!” Tina Bills Disclosure: Images Located In This Blog Contain After Surgery, Cancer Treatments, And Partial Nudity. Guest Writer & Cancer Fighter: Tina Bills My daughter Zoey was born on the 14th of November 2015 in Norfolk, Virginia. That was the greatest day in my life and she was perfect. Rob and … Continue reading Beating The Odds: Both Good & Bad

Recipes: Grandma Hurst & The Betty Crocker Cookbook

“If God Had Intended Us To Follow Recipes, He Wouldn’t Have Given Us Grandmothers.” Linda Henley This blog is super special to me. When I think of a Grandmother, I think of a lady who cooks with her family, teaching them the secrets to each thing she makes. This was Grandma Hurst from the first day I set foot in her home. She accepted me … Continue reading Recipes: Grandma Hurst & The Betty Crocker Cookbook

Review: Trident Coffee

“Coffee Smells Like Magic & Fairytales.” Unknown In Coronado, there is a little nitro brew coffee shop. If you love cold brew coffee, this would be a great place for you. They have several coffees on tap, canned coffee products, and keto friendly snacks. Nate was out one day, and decided to stop by and grab us both a donut and coffee. If you are … Continue reading Review: Trident Coffee

Review: Clayton’s Coffee Shop

If You Have Good Food, People Will Come To Your Restaurant. Mickey Gilley Let’s start with Clayton’s located in Coronado, California. This place is a cute little diner style restaurant with amazing coffee. The servers have bow ties or aprons with a smile and polite demeanor. The little music boxes on the counters along with the cake displays with donuts, muffins, brownies give it that … Continue reading Review: Clayton’s Coffee Shop