Reality Is Not What It Seems

“Reality Is Merely An Illusion, Albeit A Very Persistent One.” Albert Einstein Sitting at the library with my headphones listening to music on Spotify. My eyes wet from the news I received earlier. Though I can not tell exactly what it is, I needed an outlet. The lights are bright all around and even though the room is big, I have a desk all to … Continue reading Reality Is Not What It Seems

School: When Is Enough, Enough?!

“The Greater A Child’s Terror, And The Earlier It Is Experienced, The Harder it Becomes To Develop A Strong And Healthy Sense Of Self.” Nathaniel Branden Let’s be real! What would you do if you child came home and said someone was hitting them? Most of us have an idea, and it would be anywhere from confronting the school, parents, going a little Hand That … Continue reading School: When Is Enough, Enough?!

Duncan Donuts Before Cancer Treatments

“A Great Cup Of Coffee Is Great Starter For a Great Conversation.” Lajeana Hurst Remember the commercial of the man rising before the sun, arriving at work at 4 am and saying, “It’s time to make the donuts!”? I remember this as a little kid. It was the Fred The Baker who would get up every morning and make donuts fresh everyday. Duncan Donuts use … Continue reading Duncan Donuts Before Cancer Treatments

She Wasn’t Ready To Say Goodbye

“A Mother’s Hug Last Long After She Let’s Go” Unknown I believe that when a person passes they don’t automatically go to Heaven. I feel they are given a choice to remain here for a short time, maybe to say Goodbye or to wait out something. Remember the movie Ghost with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore? Maybe they can stay back for “Unfinished Business.” Maybe … Continue reading She Wasn’t Ready To Say Goodbye

Beating The Odds: Both Good & Bad

“You Know Your Body, If You Don’t Get The Answer You Want, Keep Pushing!” Tina Bills Disclosure: Images Located In This Blog Contain After Surgery, Cancer Treatments, And Partial Nudity. Guest Writer & Cancer Fighter: Tina Bills My daughter Zoey was born on the 14th of November 2015 in Norfolk, Virginia. That was the greatest day in my life and she was perfect. Rob and … Continue reading Beating The Odds: Both Good & Bad

Entertaining The Thought

“Price Is What You Pay, Value Is What You Get.” Unknown Entering into the dealership today for a oil change and tire rotation, I met a polite gentleman. With the car sales shortage, he was there to offer me a trade in appraisal my vehicle. I entertained the thought. Seriously, what is the harm? I have a little time while I wait for my vehicle, … Continue reading Entertaining The Thought