Duncan Donuts Before Cancer Treatments

“A Great Cup Of Coffee Is Great Starter For a Great Conversation.”

Lajeana Hurst
Photo by Maria Orlova on Pexels.com

Remember the commercial of the man rising before the sun, arriving at work at 4 am and saying, “It’s time to make the donuts!”? I remember this as a little kid. It was the Fred The Baker who would get up every morning and make donuts fresh everyday. Duncan Donuts use to make their donuts fresh everyday, from scratch. As time went on, things changed.

When my mother was first diagnosis with kidney cancer, this would be our first stop before chemo. She would order a black coffee and a peanut glazed donut. I would have an iced coffee, with cream and sugar and a Manager’s Special donut that was a powdered donut with icing in the middle. We would eat and talk about life, and the pregnancy. She felt that if she was going to get sick later that she wanted to live life and eat something good now. She did love her sweets.

I would join her during chemo treatments. It was nice to have something to eat before waiting for 4 hours of her cancer treatments. We would often talk about everything, or we would push out the legs in the chairs and fall asleep.

By the time my daughter came, she was still going through treatments. I could no longer go with her since the baby wasn’t allowed behind the chemo doors. But we still carried the tradition of having our donuts.

Mom eventually went into remission and the donuts didn’t happen as much. Whenever I would drive by our specific Duncan Donuts, I would stop in and have one, usually by myself.

When I had my son, we found out Mom was sick again. This time, the prognosis wasn’t the same. Instead of kidney cancer, it was spinal cancer. Whenever I would worry about her, I would pack up the kids and head to Duncan Donuts that was right down the road from me. Kai loved to go and get her little munchkins while Wyatt wasn’t old enough. I found comfort in Duncan Donuts.

Mom started leaving the house less and less as her cancer progressed. I thought this time with chemo and radiation, she would beat this once again. That wasn’t the case!

She passed away October 31st, 2009, almost three months after my son was born. She had only fought this round for almost 3 months, and died 3 weeks after she stopped treatments.

Duncan Donuts was still my go to place when I missed her. Eventually, DD wasn’t around as much when we moved duty stations, so Starbucks became my new coffee place.

Maybe deep down my Starbucks addiction doesn’t have to do with Starbucks itself, but the memories the coffee made for me. I will always miss her!

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