Mental Health: Thank You Notes

“Appreciation Is A Wonderful Thing”

Thank You Card From My Friend Aschley

It takes 2 minutes to pull out a card, write a little personal note, sign it, write an address on an envelope, stamp it, slide the little card in and seal it. This little form a gratitude takes only a few moments, and can mean so much to the person who receives it. In many cases, it can be the turning point on someone’s day.

Over the past few months, I am been working on having parties for my friends. I do this to help my business friends, and in a little way, to get a little discount on the things I love. So it benefits all of us. With each card that is sent to me as a Thank you, I feel so appreciated. The little bit of ink, and a piece of paper is so much better than the words written on a computer and sent.

What is it with the old school methods that are so powerful and memorable? I will be the first to admit that I am not the best at sending cards. When I use to own my business, I would take the time to write these little notes with each package. Birthday, anniversary cards, holiday cards are not my thing, but Thank you cards are my passion.

This is a little reminder to my self to take the time out, when life gets busy to pull out a little piece of paper, write a note, stamp and seal it. I can not speak for everyone else, but I can say that those little pieces of appreciation are worth the world!

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