She Wasn’t Ready To Say Goodbye

“A Mother’s Hug Last Long After She Let’s Go”


I believe that when a person passes they don’t automatically go to Heaven. I feel they are given a choice to remain here for a short time, maybe to say Goodbye or to wait out something. Remember the movie Ghost with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore? Maybe they can stay back for “Unfinished Business.”

Maybe Kai was the reason for my mother’s unfinished business. They loved each other so much. She had that connection I always wanted, but never had the chance to have when I was little.

Whenever my mom would come over, Kai would let out this high pitch scream and would run to her. They would hug like they were best friends that hadn’t seen each other in so long. I still chuckle thinking about it. How pure that love was?! I wish Kai remembered that love.

The night after my mother passed, I was rocking Kai to sleep. Wy was already asleep in his crib. Kai was restless and wouldn’t go to sleep. She turns to look at the door and the next thing she did put a chill down my back.

She took her lower jaw and stuck it out. I was wondering what she was doing, then it clicked… It was how my mother had passed. Her bottom dentures sticking out. Kai had not seen this when she said her goodbyes, so I was chill bound. She just kept looking at the door. Not scared, just staring.

So I asked Mom if she was there and if she could go so that I could put Kai to sleep. A moment later, Kai rolls over and falls peacefully asleep.

That’s not the end of Mom….

A few days later, Kai is sitting on her stool at the counter in our kitchen. She is eating some peas and she starts talking to someone. I thought it was her being a kid. Then she picks up her spoon, stands in the stool and says “Open up… Mmm”. It was how my Mother use to feed her. She was trying to feed the person who I can not see. I tell Kai to sit down and she does, with a look on her face of disappointment.

Kai had never had an imaginary friend until my mother had passed. It was spontaneous, and nothing like the movie, “Drop Dead Fred.” Thank the Lord for that. There weren’t many more situations until a few years later.

Helium balloons are suppose to deflate over time, but it had been two week and these darn balloons from Chick Fil were still around but they stayed in the same place. This was about two years after my Mother had passed. On this day Nate was sitting in his chair.

One of the balloons had some movement to it. First it floated through the kitchen, going up and down like a deflating balloon might do. Then through the dining room, around the table. At first I thought it was following the draft of the air conditioner, but those always blew in straight lines. This balloon did stay high towards the ceiling for the most part. Then the balloon traveled into the living room and started floating all around as if it was searching for something. Both Nate and I were in shock on how this balloon moved. Next came the strangest part.

As Nate sat in his seat, the balloon traveled down right in front of him, and just sat there! Didn’t move again for quite some time. Then I said, “Mom if that is you, you are scaring us. Could you please stop?” The balloon traveled away to the far corner of the living room, and that is where it stayed until I threw it away the next day.

Some say the soul is greeted by others as they enter the kingdom, some say there is a light. Do we really know how this whole thing works? Not unless you’ve experienced death. When my time comes, I pray that God is standing there with Mom.

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