Adventure: Family Day

“The Greatest Legacy We Can Leave Our Children Is Happy Memories”


When I was a little girl, I use to love when my Dad would take us to work events. During these times, I had a small glimpse into the work he did. Back in the day his work would put on demonstrations. There would be food, and lots of people. So when my husband ask us if we want to go to his work’s family day, I jump at the chance to go.

The family day turned out way better than I had imagined. Plenty of food, boat rides, demonstrations, and events happening.

On this day we let the kids bring their best friends. Isn’t any event as a teenager better with a friend? Their first event was to ride on a boat, which there is a little family history there! I was happy to be able to share a little information with them about their grandfather. I didn’t go but they did have an amazing time and came back with big smiles.

We came back to a catered meal of Hawaiian food and pizza. I, of course could not have any since I had cut meat out of my diet a few months back. There was pig, rice, salad, chicken, and a few other amazing items I would have loved to have. There was also a Kona Ice truck there as well, which the kids loved! They never skip on a Kona Ice. This was nice to bring back a little piece of Hawaii for them, even if they were only eating it.

In any event like this, there is always products being sold. After purchasing many coins, a few shirts, and a sweatshirt later we were now fashioned with our own command gear. My highlight was putting on the XL shirt this time rather than my normal size of a XXL. Progress being made by my diet.

The kids parted ways from us. The boys explored naval weapons, had discussions, and learned about how the ammunition and guns worked. It was a learning experience for them. Then they hit up the water slides. Not one but two massive water slides were blown up for the kids.

The girls mostly hung out at the dunk tank, and then decided that the dunk tank was their territory. They were dunking each other, taking turns throwing the ball with other kids. They were all smiles and by the end, probably a little burnt.

As for Nate and I, we mingled with a bunch of people. If you have not met me, one thing I love to play with is the popcorn machine. The machine was staring to get low, so I had to help out where I was needed. I even played Corn Hole for the first time. The anxiety I usually have over all these events was not there that day. I felt like I was a normal person.

This day ended up surprising me. It wasn’t like the family days my Dad took me to. It was a completely new set up, events and surprises. It was our own memories being made, that I can add to the old family day memories. It’s great to grow up and start memories of your own!

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