Parenting: The Role Of Sports Mom

The Sports Mom’s Prayer:

Lord, Help Me Remember I Am Having Fun- The Chaos, The Rushing, The Meals On The Run. Don’t Let Us Forget The Equipment We Need, And Not Get Delayed, So I Don’t Have To Speed. May I Cheer Even If My Child Is Benched, Or It’s Raining Or Snowing, And I Am Cold And Drenched. And May I Not Right In Mid-Game Stop To Think “Oh No, I Forgot, It’s My Day For Drinks!” For I Know It Is Important To Show My Support, To Be There For My Kids, As Their Youth Is So Short. I Thank You For Having This Time With Them, Lord, For Being A Sports Mom Is It’s Own Reward.


Oh Lord! This is my life!

I have always wanted to be The Sports Mom, taking the kids to practice, making sure they had snacks, attending competitions, and also sporting those sport stickers on my SUV. For the most part I have done that. I started with being the Wrestling Mom while my son was playing for the Army wrestling team in Hawaii. Then I became the Volleyball Mom when my daughter started to play for MWR while in Hawaii. I loved every minute of it!

Then we moved to California and our lives were turned upside down. No sports due to Covid and an online school. No sports within MWR, which means the kids were left to create sports of their own. It was a rough few years here in California, and even though our mental stability isn’t what it use to be, we are taking strides to becoming whole again.

Major changes happened this year. As you might have read before, the kids are now attending actual school. So far everyone, even I am loving it. The children are starting to make new friend, and my daughter is doing well enough to have a bully this year. (More on that later.)

School sports were definitely needed this year, so we let the children choose what they wanted to do. My daughter chose her favorite sport, Volleyball. She did try out for the competitive, but after two years of not practicing, she didn’t make it. We were extremely proud that she gave it a shot anyways. So this year will be getting back into the groove, and she will try again next year.

My son would have gone back to his top sport of wrestling, but no luck on that being a school sport this year. So what does he choose??? Surfing!!

Now this is not a shock, after living in Hawaii for the majority of his life, it is only natural to want to try surfing. I mean, Hawaii is knowing for their surfing icons, and amazing waves. You can’t forget Hamana Kalili’s amazing wave, which is now known as the Shaka!

What I did not expect is that I would be that mom that packs up the surf board on top of the car, picks him up, heads straight to the beach, where this kid jumps into the water, board in hand, and surfs for 2 hours, without getting out. Thank the Lord and great genes for a great swimmer. I also didn’t think I would be the parent that would spend a crap ton of money on a sport.

(Who knew that surfing could cost so much. Luckily a friend of ours gave us a board when we were back in Hawaii. So the board was paid for, and the second smaller board was a great buy at $60 from a retiring military man in the neighborhood, who only wanted it to go to a great home and be used. Then came the wet suit, which could of been worse, especially for an O’Neill. Not to mention the full season of being in a club was near $300. There were a few people who contributed towards this sport.

My daughter’s sport on the other hand was a much smaller price tag. With already having the majority of the items needed, we only spent the $125 club fee for the season, and of course new shoes. Two years of not needing the shoes, her feet sure did grow. )

Currently I am working on adding those sport stickers to my car. I have to have those right ones that screams Sports Mom. Plus the camera that has been sitting in the closet is coming out again. These kids will be embarrassed by the time they are older, or they will know exactly how much I love them.

So here is to a great sports season! May they have fun, and may I not lose my mind! So far, it is fun and entertaining!

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