Entertaining The Thought

“Price Is What You Pay, Value Is What You Get.”


Entering into the dealership today for a oil change and tire rotation, I met a polite gentleman. With the car sales shortage, he was there to offer me a trade in appraisal my vehicle. I entertained the thought. Seriously, what is the harm? I have a little time while I wait for my vehicle, and I was truly interested to see what the 2022 Honda Pilot had that my 2017 Honda Pilot didn’t.

At first glance, it does have beautiful lines. Gorgeous white, and has that sophisticated Mom feel to it. Opening the door, the smell already makes me want it. That new car smell is amazing! The seats are brand new, not warn in any place. I loved the dark interior vs the grey interior. The front had all the bells and whistles that mine does. The entertainment center, controls, and push button middle console. The only extra feature that I saw was the surround speak, where if the entertainment package is being used with the headphones, you can speak through the entertainment headphones. I have to admit the feature is pretty cool, especially when the kids don’t listen anyhow. Captive Audience.

One special feature I saw that makes me say, “There’s an app for that!”, is in fact some of the features of the SUV can be controlled by an app. Lose your car, the app tells you. Want to unlock your car from far away, well the app does that too. Change heating and cooling? App it up! Super cool!

The back seat of the car had everything mine did. Except for the mats. Those are all around the car, even in the back. That would make my life easier with the sand! Of course this baby has third row seating. That is a must in my eyes for any Mom who has 2+ kids. Teens always want to go places with friends. 2 kids easily become 4+.

Another feature I do not have is the under the bumper sensor that opens the back gate of the SUV. Super cool when there are full hands. Not a bad thing to have on a vehicle.

Of course I wanted to see what my SUV would be appraised as. So I said why not! Its free, they only take down the year, vin and some pictures, and in a short while they give you an appraisal amount. I did tell the gentleman that it was not up to me. The amazing husband of mine has to be the person to say yes. Truthfully, I doubt that would happen, but what is the harm of trying new things out. (Well, evidently the manager that takes care of that was busy, so they said I would get a text back. I emailed a few hours later and the gentleman I had talked to earlier said that if I brought the vehicle back, they could give me a better appraisal. )

When looking at the price tag, that sweet gorgeous white beauty is $46,000 and with the extra package amounts $48,000. I’m not sure even I can say yes, even with a full on trade. I would still owe quite a bit when you include California taxes and fees.

Betty White is still in fantastic condition, nothing wrong with her at all. She may not have the mats, or the entertainment speak, but she is still a great SUV. So in the end, after the drive, conversations, and the appraisal, Betty White will be staying with this family.

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