Take A Chance

“Be Willing To Take A Chance, Because You Never Know How Perfect Something Could Turn Out To Be”


Life is all about choices that we make. Choosing what we wear, what we eat, to what jobs we will have in life, to the friends we hold closest. We decide when to do things, and if we want to do them at all. This leads us to where we will end up in life. It is all connected.

So my friends, I want you to learn to take chances. Don’t always do the simple thing. Often the things we are afraid to do leads us to the places we really need to be.

Let me explain how this one step led me to meet the man in my life.


“I want you to meet my friend, Nate. B and I are getting married at the JOP and Nate and you are going to be there too.” Truthfully I had a boyfriend but we had only started seeing each other. My fiancé of two and a half years and I had split only two weeks prior. There were more complicated issues too lingering over my head, but it was only a date. Most likely I would see him one time, for dinner and my friends wedding, and that would be it.

So K and I met up with B and Nate on the Norfolk Pier. As Nate walked up, I have to say he was my type. Tall of course, but he had a nice build. He was quite handsome. I wont lie, I had my sights set on him for more than a meeting. I still needed to know what he was like personally.

First stop.. Nate’s apartment. B didn’t want to get married with ship stank on him, and I know Nate didn’t’ want to be the Best Man smelling like the ship either. So the guys showered and dressed while K and I waited on the comfy blue couch.

K and I were already dressed. A few days before we had went shopping for us both to find outfits for the big day. I had picked out grey pants with a black belt, a nice blue button up top, and black shoes. I wish I could find pictures from that day. I was looking good. K and I had our hair curled and let down for the boys, and of course our makeup was the best it could be.

We arrived at the JOP and the lady passed our friends their paperwork. We were standing behind them, and she tried handing us the same paperwork. We politely declined.

“We’ve only known each other for a few hours.” I had said.

“Those are the ones that last the longest.” She informed us.

Nate and I both laughed.

As I watched Nate while our friends said “I Do!”, I couldn’t help the attraction I was feeling. (Early 20’s, set up with a great looking guy, who seemed to be super polite. I couldn’t help myself.)

Next stop, dinner at Don Pablo’s. Nice little branch Mexican restaurant in Virginia Beach. Not knowing how this dating thing was going to work, I made sure to order the cheapest item on the menu. I had $10 in my banking account, and I was not going to look like a fool not being able to pay for my own meal.

K drags me into the bathroom, you know like chitty chatty girlfriends do when there is something new in their lives. “What do you think? He’s cute, isn’t he?” I could not lie. I was so intrigued with him. Nice conversations were happening. At that point I did know I wanted to know more about him. (By the way, when we were in the bathroom, he had paid for his meal and mine.)

I am sure that anyone who walked into the bathroom thought we might be some silly school girls. Both of us had so much excitement for our new lives ahead.

After dinner we all decide to walk the beach. We walked with K and B for a short while and then split off from them. I so wanted to know more about this handsome, polite gentleman I had been set up with. We talked for about two hours before meeting back up with K and B. Of course we had to take a picture of the festivities, so we found a place where the beach shown behind us, and then we huddled together for a group shot. As Nate stepped closer to me, he went in for a kiss on the cheek…

As he went in for that kiss on the cheek, I moved right out of his way. I am not sure what exactly he felt right at that moment, but I surely regret not being able to have that sweet moment. My brain did not process what he was doing, and sent me right out of his way. At least it is a story to tell down the road.

It started to get dark, and K and B were ready to head home and have some private time. So we headed back to my house for them to pick up something K had left.

Nate had taken his car separate from them earlier that day, in case we needed to break off from them, we could. This time I rode with Nate.

When K and B left, Nate and I decided to take a drive. I am not fully sure exactly where we had went but I definitely remember going to Princess Anne Park to watch a baseball game. As we sat on the bleachers, I remember having conversations about our lives. Not the basic little conversations, but the deep down ones. I was able to tell him about my love that started in high school and had currently ended. He told me about his ex fiancé as well. Both of us had been heartbroken recently and it was nice to share. We talked about where we grew up, and how crazy my family dynamic was. Four hours of conversation before we decided to drop me back off at my house.

He did come in and stayed the night. We chatted all night until we fell asleep.

The next morning, I wasn’t sure if I would see him again. This was only suppose to be a one night thing. We did exchange numbers… and to my surprise, he called me. That is where this 19 year story began!


If I would have not taken the many chances that night, I don’t believe I would be sitting here, at this computer today telling you about my first experience with the love of my life. All through out our 19 years both of us had taken little chances.

A few months after we had met, he took the chance to ask me to move to Texas with him, and I accepted the chance to move far away from home, to create an unknown life with him. That chance would be the scariest but most important chance I would take in my life.

*JOP – Justice Of The Peace

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