Freedom’s Truths

“The Cost Of Freedom Is Always High, But American’s Have Always Paid It. And One Path We Shall Never Choose, And That Is The Path Of Surrender, or Submission.”

John F. Kennedy
Memorial Boot Run, Ford Island, Oahu Hawaii 2014

This morning I woke up thinking about why I am here, the sacrifices that others have made so I can lay here in this bed and dream. The sacrifices that not only my husband has made for us to have this life, but those beside him and before him who have given us this opportunity.

Then I think about all the freedoms us as a nation have. Woman are able to drive, work and create a life as a man can. Though we still need to see some improvements in a few categories, we still have those freedoms. We have a choice now to choose who we want to be. Our government doesn’t tell us what jobs to work, or how to work them.

In this country we can even choose what sex we want to be. Though there is backlash, we still have that freedom. In some countries, that is a death offense.

For these freedoms, the fight is not over. There will come a day when we will have to stand up and fight to keep them. We as people will need to come together, stop fighting with ourselves in our own country, and fight those that are in power. The military won’t be the only ones who have to raise arms.

Our government that is trying so desperately to take away our freedoms little by little, and some of us can’t see it. It starts with one little itsy bitsy change, that we don’t even hear, then another before we even realize it, our whole lives have been turned upside down, and those in power have full control.

It isn’t the first time in history that it has happened. Our history books are tainted with this war and that, the main wars, but there are more wars than those. We seriously need more history buffs out there helping us guide our way. Telling us the truths.

I heard an analogy the other day where the gentleman said, “If you put a frog straight into boiling water he will jump out. But if you put a frog in cold water, and slowly turn up the heat, he doesn’t know he is being cooked alive. ” It made so much sense.

I am truly scared for my country. We are divided. We have those fighting over an illness where they are telling us that everyone is dying from, and we need a vaccine. I don’t care your stance, but it needs to be a personal choice. This is one freedom that is dividing us.

We are yet again being divided by the color of our skin. Didn’t we already fight this? It wasn’t during this life time, but it was during my parents. Why let that divide us? Damn, people are beautiful in every shade!

We have a government who is paying our way in some aspects. This is scary as well. Though I love being able to use it for things the kids want, or pay off a bill, I feel it’s bribery money. I am not saying that people don’t need it. But at what cost will it cost us? Where is the money borrowed from? Shit, people don’t want to work anymore. Will that lead them to being assisted by the government forever? You bet those votes!

As a young girl I use to think nothing would happen to us. Like we were in a bubble. Then the year I graduated, that belief tumbled down as I watched the Twin Towers fall, killing not only those in the plane, but those in buildings, those on the ground, those fighting to save others, and then down the road killing those who ended up with health problems. Now I see that we are now negotiating with those same people who killed us.

There is so much I don’t know, that I can’t write about, but the one thing I will tell you is that we need to stick together if we are going to keep their country. Know that it isn’t always the outside forces that will take those away, and we need to learn our REAL TRUE HISTORY before we become HISTORY!

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