Anchored: Heart & Soul

“Home Is Where The Anchor Drops.”


The anchor holds the line that keeps the boat from drifting. Letting the boat wonder a little distance but always keeping it from drifting away.

In life we set down our anchors, creating our homes. We explore the world, and come right back to the place we call home. That is what this blog is about.

It’s about my journey of exploring my world, myself, and my mind. Learning who I really am while healing, to be the best person I can be. Sharing my life with those who are doing the same. Let this blog be your anchor as well!

I invite those of my readers who want to share, to share. Please feel free to comment below any of the articles or send me an email. Love what you are reading? Sign up for the email.

(Note: There will be pictures with The Spoiled Navy Wife logos. Since this blog was created by TSNW blog, I decided to leave what I had already created. Our journeys are the setting stones to our future, so cherish what has already been created. )

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