School: Their First Day

“The First Day of School- The Day When The Countdown To The Last Day Of School Begins”

Clever Classroom Blog

This morning has been filled with laughter, love and of course anxiety from my side. It’s their first day, and as much as I am happy to see them fly, I am sad they are no longer babies.

This year there was no dread on their end for getting up and making themselves ready. My daughter even did her makeup, which she is not a girlie girl. A enough cinnamon, and a lot of spice. I was expecting her attitude this morning, but nothing. My son on the other hand, dressed very professional. This kid would live in sport shorts and baggie t-shirts if we let him. This may be a great day after all.

Traffic wasn’t too bad. Other than the pain in my side, and the ass hat that had his base thumping. (Tapping of any type during an anxiety spell causes me to have anger.) Nate knows me well, and to relieve a bit of the anxiety he had me drive. The kids were quiet but could tell they were excited.

We arrived at school, let them out near the front, and away they walked.  We at least received a “Bye”. No matter how much I yelled and said bye and that I loved them, they paid no attention. Walking together towards their future they looked happy. Part of me wanted to do what I promised and yell, “Mommy loves you!” Or “Sending Mommy kisses!” but I am not sure they would even be shocked.

So off I drove with a few tears in my eyes, dropped Nate at work and headed to Starbucks. One cup of Brown Sugar Shaken Oatmilk Expresso, 1 Fox Cake Pop & a Feta Wrap. Now I feel like crap…. and need some sleep. (Maybe it is a punishment, because I have learned from eating healthier that Starbucks is not my friend!)

Sleep eventually came while watching one of my shows. Of course I was woke up by the text messages by the buzzing on my watch and a full bladder. I hate that! Couldn’t I sleep the day away??

I decided to catch up on more shows and then a new series. Finally I did get up and did a load of dishes and laundry, Thought about going outside and cleaning the porch but I may need a little more muscle power to move the air hockey table and cast iron table. Could I have cleaned the shelving? Sure, but might as well do it all at once.


I have about 15 minutes before I pick up Nate from work and head to the school. I am anxious to see how their day went… and the lists that they have for me!

I know tomorrow will be a better day once I know that they have survived today! Maybe tomorrow I will transfer all the photos to the computer, and all the new written material sitting on my phone. Maybe… It will be a new day, a fresh start, and something new to look up to.

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