Collaboration Of Self Care: Coffee Date With Friends

“The Best Therapy Is Time Spent Laughing With Good Friends”

Sarah Negus (BeUtiful)

Living in a beautiful city such as the one I live in, I am able to take in the beautiful scenes around me of all the beautiful people, beaches, shops, and restaurants. Each time I pass them I think should I stop and treat myself to a little treat of my own? Truthfully, eating alone isn’t fun, unless you are sitting there writing. What would make this scenario so much better would be a friend or two.

I can picture it. Sitting outside talking with the amazing ladies in my life, with a nice salad in front of me and a cup off coffee, or tea. We would chat about how the kids are doing in school, what the husbands are doing in their lives, and what comes next on our chore list. It isn’t far from what we see on TV as mothers group together and have long conversations while the children are at school. I need my group like this.

In the past, I have always had a friend that lived by that I could meet up with. In Hawaii, I had Maggie, who lived in the same culd-a-sac as me. At night when the kids were off of school we would meet up and let the kids play outside. We would have our Starbucks in hand and the world was wonderful. The other ladies in the culd-a-sac would come out too and it became us ladies living our best military lives.

On days where we needed to go shopping we would head to Target up the road, browse for about two hours, again with Starbucks in our hand. Always with a child or 4 in tow, but that made it fun too. We would treat them to little cups of cream or milk.

Those days and nights were the best for self care. We had a friend who we knew would be there no matter what. Someone you could talk to when things were stressing, someone to be a sounding board. I don’t have that fully in California, and that makes me really sad. Don’t get me wrong, I have friends here, but we all have so much going on in our lives.

So what I proposed to myself is to invite some ladies from the neighborhood to go out to eat twice a month. Set up a time and place, maybe make a reservation, and see who comes. What is the worst things that happens? I sit by myself eating?

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