Review: Clayton’s Coffee Shop

If You Have Good Food, People Will Come To Your Restaurant.

Mickey Gilley

Let’s start with Clayton’s located in Coronado, California. This place is a cute little diner style restaurant with amazing coffee. The servers have bow ties or aprons with a smile and polite demeanor. The little music boxes on the counters along with the cake displays with donuts, muffins, brownies give it that old time feel. There are signs around the restaurant that advertises old time prices for a cup of coffee. Wednesday’s there is a military discount for the coffee as well, even posted!

During our third visit, I had to purchase a cup of my own. I love coffee cups from places I go. (If you have not seen my collection of Raven mugs, I will have to post it on my *All About Coffee* album soon.) This cup is used everyday since I make a little honey cinnamon latte of my own each day.

Clayton’s is probably my favorite date since we starting doing them. Always a great cup of coffee, but the breakfast are amazing as well. I had a country fried steak my first visit, and an omelet my second. My husband has had the eggs benedict, which was his favorite.

Their specialized coffee is the best. My suggestions would be the Cinnamon Honey Latte, and the Mexican Mocha. Make it a double because if you don’t, you may regret it. This is my personal opinion but my husband and I are not the only ones to suggest that they are the best.

If you are wanting to try this little slice of heaven, I suggest that you head over there as soon as they open. At about 730am the restaurant already has a line.

Want to see more photos of my dates? Each time I visit Clayton’s Coffee Shop I will be posting images of their amazing coffees and meals. I will try to write catch up details as I make my way through the menu.

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Clayton’s Coffee Shop


Hours of Operation: 6am to 4pm

979 Orange Ave, Coronado, CA 92118

September 11th was yesterday and this was shared with me. I wish I had been able to post it sooner, but this really shows the integrity of this company.

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