School: The Right School Move?

“Alone We Can Do So Little: Together We Can Do So much.”

Helen Keller

Am I ready for this coming school year?

If you would have asked me this three weeks ago, I would have told you “No Way!”. I have taught the kids the last 8 years of their lives. Even when they attended HTA, I was still teaching on the off days that they did not attend actual class. These kids are pretty much all I know, even if they want to push me away. This gave me a feeling like I was about to lose my first and only real job in life.

Now as I sit here and write this, knowing a little more than I knew three weeks ago, I am pretty happy my family made this decision. Realizing that I have not lost my purpose, my job, my life! What I have found is a new sense of freedom, not being overly tired, overly stimulated. My job is no longer making sure that all their assignments are complete every hour, or that they have attended the zoom classes that half the time never work. I no longer have to worry about the computer problems or the basic math problems. I have found a new way to help my family.

Over the last three weeks, I have made my family even more of a priority. The dishes are done each day, the laundry is not piled up, as I do one load a day for each. I was even able to wash all the bed sheets and blankets that are usually forgotten about. Snacks are being made daily, along with dinner and lunches. (I know that California now has free lunch for all, but the kids chose to have their lunches packed. This made me feel valuable.) After school snacks are prepared for when I pick them up.

Sports started this week, and I even found a new purpose. Making sure the kids are ready by having their bags brought with me to school, the surf board ready, and clothes ready, and last those snacks ready. As I wait for them to finish their lessons, I am able to sit and write.

Since they started school, I have had more energy, more patience, more love and more of everything. So ask me that question again, and I will tell you “yes!”

By them being gone more, I actually see them more.

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