Collaboration Of Self Care: Take Daily Walks

“Keep Moving Forward”

In All Aspects Of Life

Walking has started to be my new way of finding peace! First it started as a little walk in the neighborhood, then I started finding the beauty of the beach! Here is what I found when I opened my mind and heart to God’s true place!

  • My mind started to become clear as I no longer heard the world around me. Things I struggled to know the answers to finally came to me. Don’t know what to write about? It would come to me. Don’t know how I am going to deal with a situation? It would come to me. Didn’t matter what it was, it was there.
  • The sounds of the ocean brought me the best peace a person could have. Ever stood and listened to waves. It doesn’t have to be on a sandy beach, it only needs to be water touching water. It is almost instant on the effects it has on the body.
  • Visually the water is appealing. Even in California where the water is NOT like Hawaii, the water is not bad to look at. There are times when I see fish just beneath the water, or I see a long legged bird standing and pruning.
  • Not only was I making a 2 mile walk that feels refreshing, I have the resistance of the sand to give my legs the best workout. If I need an easy day, I walk the harder pact sand. When I need a hard core leg day, I walk the loose sand.
  • Time is not an issue! Usually when walking a mile I would time myself, seeing how well I did. Walking the beach changed that, because I know no matter how I walk it, I will have a workout for my body, mind and soul.

I needed to give you more information on this if I was going to tell you that a walk a day will help you. The reasons above are my reasons, so let me help you with some actual scientific research.

  • Burns Calories… We all want to do that!
  • Strengthens The Heart. It is said that as 30 minute walk a day, five days a week will help with many factors.
    • Coronary Heart Disease
    • Hypertension
    • Stroke
  • Lowers Blood Sugar. Taking a 15 minute walk after meals can help to lower blood sugar. (I didn’t know to do it after meals.)
  • Helps With Joint Pain. Not only that, it is said that a 5-6 mile a week walk will help with arthritis.
  • Boost Immune Function. Who couldn’t use that right now with a pandemic happening?
  • Gives Energy. The article has said that it can give you more energy than a cup of coffee when tired. Skip those coffee calories and burn a few while on a walk sounds great to me.
  • Improves Mood. Since walking releases certain “happy” chemicals in the brain, it seems fitting it would improves a bad mood or make a great mood better. I have noticed this in my walks.
  • Extends Life Expectancy. I would think that if it helped with everything above, it would help to expend life. There is so many other factors in life though that either help or worsen that outcome.
  • Tone Legs. I had said that above when wanting a certain type of leg workout. Hmm I must be on the right track. lol
  • Creative Thinking. Again, helps create content to write and helps with answers to questions.

There is far more information out there in the big world of science but I wanted to give you a little information to show you I knew what I was talking about. The article I used was *10 Benefits Of Walking*.

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