Collaboration OF Self Care: Start A Joural

“Writing A Journal Each Day Allows You To Direct Your Focus To What You Accomplished, What You’re Grateful For And What You Are Committed To Doing Better Tomorrow. Thus, You More Deeply Enjoy Your Journey Each Day.”

Hal Elrod
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With an in depth conversation with Kwajalein, her and I realized that we have so much to say. Both of us want the world to know what we do, we want to express our thoughts, and sometimes that can be completely complicated and confusing. How do we tell others about what is on our minds? Furthermore, how do we say it to where it makes the most sense?

As we continued to talk week after week, she kept hearing the word “Journal”, and it became apparent that she needed to start a journal. This is where her Heart Journey began. As she wrote her feelings, they became more clear of what SHE wanted in life, not only what she wanted to tell others. It became clear on how to reach for her goals.

For me, I had already started the blog. I did not know that this would help me reach out, and not only tell others of what is on my mind, but how much healing I would receive. Early in the blog, I had prepared to tell the world of an incident that had is a very painful part of my history. After writing it fully, I put it aside and would read it to make sure it was exactly how I wanted to tell the world of this hurt. Then one day, I just pushed Delete. It was gone…. Along with it went my hurt and my pain I had held on to since I was in 6th grade.

Our journals had helped us clear our minds, focus on what we really needed in life, and pursue it. We were able to write down our happiness, pain, worry, everything we were feeling each day, and then we would pray over it. Over time, it seemed as if the answers would come to us, and we would write those down too. Both our journals have became full and our hearts have began to heal. God has spoken to us, and with the journaling, God has made it clear on what we need to say.

As for what we want to share, we now know how to tell our stories, in a focused and love filled way.

The biggest thing I want to say is that there is no wrong or right way to journal. Draw in your journal, use colors, and make it completely you. Use a journal with lines, or blank pages. Create a journal on the computer. The only things that matters when creating a journal is that you put YOU into it. You don’t even have to write. My daughter draws in hers to express how she feels on a particular day.

Have you created yours yet? What do you do in your journal that makes it you?

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