Collaboration Of Self Care: Buy Yourself Something Special

“We Are Frantically Trying To Earn Enough Money To Buy Things We’re Too Busy To Enjoy. Balance Comes When You Stop, Look At Your Life, And Assess The Things You Genuinely Want For Yourself And Your Family. Be Intentional. Work Less. Live More.”

Zina Harrington

When I was growing up I would receive Birthday and Christmas cards with money that would say “Buy Yourself Something Special.” I never really knew what that meant. So I would spend the money on a CD, or junk at the store. As I grew up and had to buy things for myself, these little cards starting meaning more. It paid for gas in the car, food in the fridge, or the things I really needed. Now since I am older and the cards no longer come with money, I can now see what they meant by, “Buy Yourself Something Special.” If I knew then what I know now!

Last month I had a Pampered Chef party for my friends and I. (Thank you everyone who had participated, if you are reading this.) My wish list contained items I knew would be meaningful. The items I fully had my eye on was the Blue Cast Iron Dutch Oven, and a Cast Iron Set.

Cast Iron is one of those items that can be passed down through each generation. When my husband’s grandmother passed away, the items she left to me was of course her cast iron. I can remember cooking with her in her kitchen, and having conversations as she taught me, (or tried to teach me), how to make her amazing food. (I do not know what she did, but I can never seem to replicate it, even with her recipe. As most grandmothers though, they don’t use a recipe.) My husband recalls memories of her making those special meals made only for him in those pans.

I would love to do this for my children and grandchildren as well. Cast iron can be used to create meals and memories as life moves forward. The Dutch Oven helps me to create many stews/soups, while the large cast iron skillet makes the best corn breads, and the cast iron frying pan makes the best eggs and bacon.

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