Collaboration of Self Care: Make Yourself A Priority

“What If You Simply Devote This Year To Loving Yourself More?”


This is my last year in my 30’s. Turning 39 has me thinking what I have fully done with my life. I have an amazing life, amazing husband and amazing children. This life has not wasted, but I feel there is more.

So this year I am going to make my self a priority. I have twelve months to make big changes in my life before I hit the big 4-0! I feel these changes will be amazing for me, but for my family as well.

In the past I have wrote about how I have had challenge with my weight. I have already started with working out, walking 2+ miles a day. For this I am using an app called Yes.Fit, which is pretty neat. (More to come on that later.) The children have joined me on my walks most days. I love how we talk about life, and clear our heads of things that are on our minds. We also take our headsets, so that we may have personal time while being together.

This week I had a goal to start Yoga but mother nature took her course. Yoga will now be put off until next week when mother nature calms down. My plan is to have my children join me as well. I feel this will teach my them to find their own inner peace, as well as learning to do the movements on their own. No guidance from me, unless asked.

Next month, when the children head to school, I plan on heading to the gym three days a week. I know weight lifting is crucial to losing weight and toning up the flab. I downloaded a new fitness app this week that will help me with both yoga, and weightlifting. Before I suggest it to you, please let me give it a whirl. (Fitness App Blog will be heading your way soon.)

Eating has always been an up and down thing. Finally and again I have started a different path. This year I have decided to cut meat and sugar consumption. Previously when I have stopped eating meat (I cut pork for 2 years living in Hawaii), most of my stomach issues had disappeared. Same with sugar, life gets sweeter without it. Another part of my plan is to cut the majority of dairy other than what I bake with, and cheese. Who doesn’t love cheese? This I will consume less of though.

As the changes happen through this year, I am going to take photos along the way. For two reasons this I find super important. The first will be to show my progress, and the second will be celebrate any changes, (even small), I will have made. Each time I look at these images, I will think about where I want to be, where I have been and the dreams I have for my future.

{I have started to love that lady in the mirror, with her extra pounds that delivered two healthy babies. The lady who has un-brushed hair thrown up in a mom bun. I love her face with no makeup and with makeup, which helps her feel more professional at times. Her shirt most of the time has stains from the cleaning or the meals that she cooks. She is starting to be the woman I have always wanted her to be. It may have taken time to fall in love with her, but she is always bettering her self, and for that, how could I not love her!}

Last part of making myself a priority is making sure I take care of The Spoiled Navy Wife (Blog) which is now Anchored: Heart & Soul. This is a part of me, my thoughts, feelings and emotions all written out. Through the years, before I even started working with MLMs I have tried to write a blog, and now I have finally done it. Dropped all the things that did not matter and then made it a priority. I may miss my own deadlines at times, have writer’s block, or not want to write but that will be on my own terms, and not by what everyone else wants from me.

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