A Warm Smile Is The Universal Language Of Kindness

William Arthur Ward
Photo Credit: Lajeana Hurst (All Rights Reserved) Model Credit: Maggie Hairod Location: Ko’Olina Beach, Hawaii

As I was walking in Target, there was a gentleman walking the opposite directions as me. As he walked closer, he keeps his eyes on me, and when we are close enough, he say “Good Morning”, in a cheerful and happy tone. Even though he was wearing a mask, I could tell he was smiling. Of course, I say back to him, “Good Morning, how are you?”, which he replies, “Good, Thank you.”

Though this interaction was quit brief, it filled my heart with happiness.

I started thinking. If this brief interaction with this one person I have never met before was so pleasing to me, how do other people feel about an interaction like this? We have all had those little conversations before.

Lately I have noticed that when walking by someone, they are usually gazing elsewhere or down on their phones. I see them look at me and quickly look away. When walking by, they do not acknowledge me, as if I was not there. I wonder what they are thinking.

Today really filled my spirit. Jesus tells us to love one another, to treat others as we want to be treated. So does this count? Does this interaction fill other’s souls and hearts?

As I walked by the security guard at Target, I said hello. I watched his reaction. He did say hello back, but did not look at me., as if he was talking robotically.

I walk by another person, with my hands full. He was walking my opposite directions. He seemed mentally busy, and I said, “Hello”. He looked at me for a brief second and said hello back and of course kept walking. He at least looked at me. No smile though. You could tell he was not expecting someone to talk to him.

I walk by one more person during my time in the Target parking lot. A nice looking older woman. She was walking straight ahead, as I am sure thoughts were filled in her head. She looked briefly at me, and looked down on the ground as she walked closer. She happened to put her head back up, I looked at her and said “Hello”, just as I had with everyone else. This time, I did receive a smile back. She had not yet put her mask on. Then she said, “Hi”, right back in a cheerful voice.

I am not sure why my mind thinks of these little things. Would it be that voice that guides me, my little Jiminey the Cricket in my head? Is this His way of making me mindful of filling joy in others? Making me notice how easy it is to make someone else feel good?

It is the little interactions with others that are so meaningful, even if they are so brief!

I made one more attempt to cheer up someone’s day. Mr. S came by to make sure my bathroom was fully dry after a leak. I am always cheerful to those who help me. (The other day he told me he was sorry for his inconvenience, and I looked at him and said he didn’t cause the issue, and that I was happy he was there to help me fix it. I could tell he was relieved to hear this. He even thanked me for saying it, but it was true. He was not an inconvenience, he was my helper. I know some of you say that is his job, but let me tell you something… He does not have to be a nice person while doing his job. Always a smile, always respectful, and very personable. For some of us housewives / househusbands, we enjoy the little polite conversations we have with others, even if it is someone doing their job.) As he left my house, we had a polite little conversation about coffee and donuts, and I had just bought some candy. I made sure to share my little wealth with him. He was very appreciative, and that little giving moment not only put a smile on his face, but a joyful feeling in my heart. (I am not telling you I am giving to receive an applause, but to tell you that it filled my heart with happiness to give to someone who has helped me so many times.)

Now I am going to start walking by everyone, and making sure I take those few seconds to look at someone, and say, Hello. Hopefully that will make at least once person’s day more pleasurable as it did for me today.

Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to this song below. Direct link from YouTube.

Youtube Link: Smile, Nat King Cole 1954

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